“Bringing together One Medicine Research and Healthcare for Humans and Animals”

The Utrecht Translational One Medicine Innovation Centre (UTOMIC) aims to accelerate One Medicine research, helping human and veterinary patients, while at the same time reducing the need for laboratory animals for biomedical and veterinary research.

One Medicine

Humans and animals share many genetic traits as well as anatomical, physiological and pathological characteristics. Major causes of death and disease in veterinary patients can be categorised into the same conditions as those that occur in humans, and are very similar in both their causes and their cures. That is why, at UTOMIC, veterinary researchers and animal health specialists collaborate closely with human medical researchers on research and treatment for diseases.

Improving the health of humans and animals

By studying naturally occurring diseases in veterinary patients and taking into account relevant environmental factors, we’re able to develop better diagnostic tools and advanced treatment methods, that may also be applicable to comparable conditions in humans. That way, we hope to contribute towards long-term healthcare solutions for human and veterinary patients alike.


  • UTOMIC: improving the health of humans and animals
    The Utrecht Translational One Medicine Innovation Centre takes human and veterinary medicine to a higher level. Non-communicable diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease are the most common cause of death in both humans and companion animals. Joint research into these diseases can lead to better diagnostics and treatments for humans and animals. The Utrecht…