Our mission is to connect One Medicine research and human and veterinary care. At UTOMIC we strive to create an environment that allows human and veterinary translational medicine to come together and deliver clinical excellence combined with the highest scientific standards. Next generation diagnostic imaging equipment as well as high-end treatment facilities allow teams of researchers and clinicians to carry out innovative medical procedures, while ensuring all activities are carried out under controlled conditions. That way, we aim to accelerate innovation in medicine, help human and veterinary patients, and decrease the use of laboratory animals.

“Bringing together One Medicine Research and Healthcare for Humans and Animals”

UTOMIC is an initiative of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. Over the coming years, we envision UTOMIC to develop into a platform that facilitates as well as showcases translational One Medicine research. By being transparent, open and committed to creating societal impact, we aim to build strong partnerships with national and international partners, from academia, to industry and philanthropy.

This, in turn, will stimulate additional research initiatives that contribute towards more knowledge and better treatment options for human and veterinary patients suffering from non-communicable diseases, without having to resort to, or having to rely on, animal testing.

UTOMIC adheres to the following four principles:

Improving the health of humans and animals through a translational one-medicine approach

Humans and animals share many genetic traits as well as anatomical, physiological and pathological characteristics. By studying naturally occurring diseases in veterinary patients and taking into account relevant environmental factors, we’re able to develop better diagnostic tools and advanced treatment methods, that may also be applicable to comparable conditions in humans. That way, we hope to contribute towards long-term healthcare solutions for human and veterinary patients alike.

Accelerating innovation in medicine while decreasing the use of laboratory animals

Utrecht University strives to be at the forefront of innovative research to improve the lives of human and veterinary patients. By treating veterinary patient and monitoring as well as recording such treatments using scientifically proven methods, we are to apply findings in a broader, translational context. To us, aiming for scientific excellence means working towards making the use of laboratory animals redundant wherever possible

Stimulating collaboration across and beyond Utrecht Science Park

At Utrecht Science Park, researchers from different disciplines come together, creating the potential for truly innovative science. By forging strong collaborations, at USP and beyond, we are able to achieve ground-breaking solutions to current healthcare challenges in animals and humans. 

Collaborating with partners from industry and philanthropy

By joining forces with partners from industry and philanthropy, UTOMIC researchers and clinicians will be able to conduct research at the cutting edge of innovation: using next generation state-of-the-art facilities as well as helping to develop these further, while at the same time remaining truly independent. This is the ideal breeding ground for achieving excellence and creating lasting value for society.